Introducing the LAST Charging Cord You Will EVER Need!

Charging Cord

The Right Angle by Cords of Steel

By George Henthorn


The Toughest, Smartest most Versatile charging cord ever made! Charge iPhone, Android, and any Micro USB Device on one single Charging head! The Worlds first all-metal Charging Cable for both Android and iPhone! Flexible Stainless Steel Cord, Zink Alloy Housings! Charge all your devices on one cord with no parts to change and no parts to lose!

The World’s First Flexible Steel Charging Cord with a single head that works with both APPLE and ANDROID plus 100′-s more Micro USB devices:

  • USB 2.0 – Fast data transfers!
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION – Charging Cable works on all APPLE LIGHTNING phones and devices and ANDROID phones and devices that use Micro USB-B
  • SINGLE REVERSIBLE HEAD – Keeps the cord neat and easy to manage (no more adapters!)
  • SUPER STRONG AND FLEXIBLE – Steel cord spiral sheathed around the shielded inner core allows cord to flex and stretch without ever affecting the wires!
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Easy to carry and NO more cables chewed up by playful pets.
  • FINGER GRIP FOR EASY REMOVAL – Head has a super strong zinc alloy housing
    Makes the perfect gift! – Buy extra to share with your family and friends!

Lifetime Guarantee when you register your purchase!
A massive upgrade from your current charging and data transfer cord, and YES, only one cord works with BOTH Apple and Android!

Never Buy Another Cord AGAIN!

Instructions for use:

(for Android phones or Micro USB devices)

Plug the small charging tip into device with the ANDROID logo facing up.
Enjoy awesome charging and data transfers!

(for APPLE LIGHTNING phones and devices)

Plug the small charging tip into device with the APPLE logo facing up.
Enjoy awesome charging and data transfers!


Our flexible stainless-steel cord and zinc alloy charging heads are key features to our Tough charging cords.

Designed with an Apple on one side and an Android character on the other, our cords are Smart enough to understand the difference between an iPhone and a Micro USB device.

With its dual/reversible head design, our cords are Versatile enough to charge both iPhone and many Android / Micro USB devices:

iPhone (all 5, 6 and 7 series), many Android phones (all Micro USB series), iPad Pro, iPad mini (and 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation), iPad air, iPad (4th generation), iPod Touch (5th through 6th generation), iPod Nano (7th generation), drones, GoPro’s, game controllers, charging packs and much more.


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